IsaRally Nashville: Halfway There!

April 16, 2018,

Elaina Bird

It’s halftime. And just like any football team would do during a match, let’s take a quick break to celebrate our successes and make a plan for your 4-Level Personally Enrolled Team during the second half of IsaRally Nashville!

Here’s what you can do to make the most of the next 6 weeks in the IsaRally:

Leverage our tools to build your team through sharing Isagenix with others and helping them get started. Whether it’s You Share, They Share, Repeat™ or the 90-Day Action Plan, we have the tools to help you get started on

Transform your 4PET into a highly effective team through smart-goal setting, communication, and reflection.

Need a refresher on how to build a 4-Level Personally Enrolled Team? Here is a video all about it:



There’s an incredible trip to Global Celebration 2018 at the end of this IsaRally – will you be joining us? Stay tuned on for more tips to help you earn a trip to Nashville!


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