Get ready because we’ve got big IsaBody news! You can now join the IsaBody Challenge through the IsaLife app, so it’s easier than ever to join the challenge! There will be no more lengthy photo uploads and going in to your back office – you can now do everything through your phone. Great news all round.

New features:  

  • Take your before and after photos through the app and they will automatically be date-stamped –no more newspaper pictures!
  • Easily access key information on the dashboard, such as important due dates and your past challenges.
  • Track your BV using the BV tracker, which will be updated in real time to reflect how much you’ve accumulated during your Challenge.
  • Get exclusive access to our new monthly workout programme, IsaBody Fitness, where videos will be uploaded every month to give you workouts to try out! The videos will be in English.
  • Make notes about your progress each day, which will be compiled at the end of your challenge to help write your essay.
  • No more waiting time! You’ll be able to complete your challenge and register for the next one straight away. Plus, your product coupon will be uploaded as soon as you complete the challenge.

How do I find IsaBody in the IsaLife app?

All you do is open your IsaLife App and click the middle button at the bottom of the screen. You should now see the IsaBody Challenge!

Who Can Complete Their Challenge in the IsaLife App

If your Challenge qualifies for Judging Period 2, beginning Feb. 29, 2020, you will be able to use the new and improved completion process in the app! If you’re currently doing a challenge and you’re in Judging Period 1, you will need to submit your progress photos and essay in your back office.

What Else Is New? 

Starting in Judging Period 2 (Challenges completed on or after Feb. 29, 2020), you will be able to choose if you would like to submit your transformation for the chance to be selected as one of our IsaBody Finalists or Honorable Mentions! (If not, that’s fine, too!)

You’ll only be asked to provide a 200-to-500-word inspirational essay if you would like to submit your transformation to the judging process. You may also be required to submit four final maintenance photos to complete your Challenge. It’s never been easier to start, complete, and repeat!

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