IsaBody Challenge – Hear From Those In The Know!

June 9, 2017,


What better way to get your IsaBody Challenge questions answered, than by asking someone who has completed it themselves? They have been where you are – ready to get started – and gone onto not only achieve amazing results, but to help others do the same!

Meet Sam Anderton, IsaBody Challenge Honourable Mention from 2016 and an Isagenix Executive – 3 Star Golden Circle. Sam recently hosted a Zoom call for all of you who were keen to know more about the Challenge; sharing how he achieved such success and how the programme helped him to build his business. Sam is a true advocate for IsaBody and his enthusiasm for what it can do for you is amazing. Want to know what he had to say? Read on…

When and why did you join Isagenix? 

“In January 2015. I wanted a health transformation and wasn’t passionate about my previous job.”

What are your favourite Isagenix products?

“e-Shot and the IsaLean Shake!”

What drove you to enter the IsaBody Challenge?

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could complete something from start to finish, as I had a history of starting and never completing anything.”

How did you stay motivated throughout the Challenge?

“I enrolled my entire team, social circle, family and even my Facebook network into what I was going to achieve. The accountability was so huge that I knew I wouldn’t fail.”

How would you advise people who can’t afford to take part in the Challenge? 

“First, we need to do a budget breakdown – most people who think they can’t afford to start the Challenge, actually can. If you have a friend or family member who has these concerns tell them this:

‘I totally understand your situation, but don’t give up without trying!’ Start by identifying what they’re spending money on weekly, and organise these things into categories. Are they dining out too much? Buying too many between-meal snacks? Or even spending too much on coffee? Cutting out two coffees a day can help save up to £30 a month. These things might seem small at the time, but they do add up.”

How can people learn more about the IsaBody Challenge?

“The UK Grand Opening is a great place to learn about programmes like IsaBody. You can visit the stand at the event to get registered and meet people who can give you face-to-face advice on how to get involved and stay motivated. If you’ve already registered and started the Challenge, it’s also a chance to share your story. Show up in sports gear and you can even take your ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures on the day with help and guidance from Challenge experts.”

Why do you believe that the IsaBody Challenge is a good business tool?

“The IsaBody Challenge is the best tool for building your business because it shows your entire network what is possible in just 16 weeks by exercising and using Isagenix products. It builds massive belief in you as an individual and shows all of the people that know you that this isn’t just another ‘fad diet’ and that this programme can literally transform people’s health and lifestyle. It increases retention and inspires new people to start the IsaBody Challenge.”

How do you use the IsaBody Challenge to connect with others?

“It’s all about using your network. Who do you know who might be interested? Once you start signing people up, the goal is to help them extend their mindset from a 30-day Challenge to a 16-week process – this will help them to stay focused and on board. You know when you see an IsaBody participant, you can tell that it’s not just his or her body that has been transformed but also their lifestyle and state of mind!”

Ready to join the Challenge? Good for you! Head to now to register and get started on your journey.

If you’ve already signed up, don’t forget you can join the exclusive IsaBody Challenge UK Facebook group for support, motivation and to meet other like-minded people.


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