Theo Bouman shares that talks of joining his first IsaBody Challenge® began whilst on holiday with friends. “I was completely done with my body. The fun parties of the past few months were clearly visible and my belly was getting in my way. My friend Andrea told me about the superfood system and the IsaBody Challenge. She said it was a win-win situation – you can lose weight and get a €165 product coupon for becoming the best version of yourself.”

“I decided this was my chance and went full steam ahead! When I came home from holiday, I started right away.”

Theo says he found it hard at the beginning because it was all new, but thanks to his supportive network he soon got the hang of it,  “There were no complicated meals or calorie counting and I even found the Cleanse Days to be fine! Andrea was always available for questions, which was incredibly nice.”

Maintaining good health is important for Theo, especially as he has a physically demanding job and high blood pressure. “One of the real highs from this challenge Is that I now know how to easily control my health and my weight thanks to Isagenix.”

“I am super happy with the end result! I feel good in my own skin again, I no longer have a stomach that gets in the way. I’m feeling fitter and am super happy.”

To anyone who is thinking of joining an IsaBody Challenge, Theo says, “Just sign up. You have nothing to lose. And who knows, you might win a nice bit of extra cash for your transformation!”

Are you up for the challenge? There’s never been a better time to commit to 16-weeks of transforming your health, fitness, and overall wellness goals. Sign up here today!