Most of us are facing the new challenge of working from home for the foreseeable future, meaning we’re adapting to working without interpersonal communication, face to face meetings and chats over coffee with our teams! Whilst most of network marketing can be done online, it can be challenging to get used to losing that face to face interaction. Whether you’re trying to build your network marketing business, or you’re just getting used to working from home in your daily job (like the Isagenix corporate team!) here’s what we’ve learnt over the past couple of weeks about how to work from home successfully!

Set a schedule

Allocate time to do your calls, check emails and take breaks – if you don’t block out time to do each task, it can get pushed aside! – Kristina, Events Coordinator

Keep to a routine

Try to stick to your usual work day routine (don’t lounge in pajamas all day!) because it helps create that distinction between a work day and a weekend. It helps keep things feeling as normal as possible under the circumstances! – Sarah, Communications Coordinator

Stay in touch

Set up video calls and work chats so you can stay connected with your team. Communication is really important to help keep up momentum. – Taofiqah, Marketing Coordinator

Time Management

Print off your Blueprint report each week from your Back Office. This will help you maximize your daily activity to support and develop your team! – Kevin Denham, Sales Director

Don’t work where you rest

Work from a desk, a kitchen table or ideally a separate room so you can shut the door when you finish the day – Elaina, Events and Marketing Director

Step away from the screen

Take a 5-minute break every 50-60 minutes. Why not call up a friend for a quick chat? – Taofiqah, Marketing Coordinator

Make sure you get out of the house once a day

Do you daily exercise and get some fresh air – Mariana, Events Manager

Personal development

Take some time each day to develop your own skills, which in turn will develop your business. This could be a podcast, book, YouTube clip etc, just make sure you plan that time into your day. You are an important part of your business! – Charlene Vaughan, Sales Coordinator


If you’d like more tips about how to build your business, make sure you listen in to our Zoom Training Calls – our Sales team do these once a month, and we regularly host leadership training. Keep your eyes on Facebook for updates!