How Isagenix helped Personal Trainer regain health and build a business

May 11, 2020,


Claire is a personal trainer who started with Isagenix as a convenient way to start feeling nourished again, because even though she knew exactly what to do to be healthy, life had got in the way. Now Claire uses Isagenix every single day and she’s sharing Isagenix with her clients because they’ve noticed the results, so she’s now feeling healthier than ever and growing a business on the side! Find out why she chooses Isagenix, and why she’s started recommending it to her clients!

As a health professional, why did you start with Isagenix?

I’ve always been into health and fitness and I’ve been a personal trainer for 10-15 years, but after becoming a single mum it was a really stressful time and even though I knew how to look after myself I ended up living on coffee and protein shakes. I was giving out all this advice and doing programmes for my clients to live healthily, but I wasn’t living it out myself and I had no energy, I felt achy all the time and didn’t feel good in myself. At the same time as this was happening, Isagenix came to the UK and I’d already heard about this company when I lived in Australia, so I got started because I knew I needed to do something to get back to being healthy and nourished!

What results did you have?

I didn’t start Isagenix for weight loss (even though I did lose 2kg), it was more about changing my physique and becoming healthier. My body is leaner, I have more muscle and my weight is much easier to maintain – my whole physique has changed. I’ve done different fitness photo shoots and in the past, I used to be so strict in the run up to them, but now I can just maintain what I’m doing and I’m ready to go! I’m also seeing better results with my own training and I can push myself at my top end of ability.

How did you start your Isagenix business?

I started as product user but after a couple of months I just naturally started sharing because of the nature of my business. My clients see my results and want to know what’s helped me achieve them, so now I’m able to share Isagenix to help them get better results! Most of the people I’ve enrolled are my personal training clients or people who come to my classes. The ones who’ve joined Isagenix are mainly for weight loss and have lost anywhere between 4kg to 17kg, and report that they have so much more energy! Isagenix is another tool in my belt and it really complements my personal training business.

How do you use Isagenix?

I just integrate it into my lifestyle, I don’t follow a strict plan. I have Ionix and an IsaLean Shake for breakfast every day, alongside my other whole food meals. I’ll also do a double cleanse or single cleanse a couple of times a month. It’s so easy to adapt around my lifestyle – I might go back to two shakes a day if I’m really busy, or I’ll have an IsaLean Bar if I need to get some energy between classes.

For my training, I use AMPED Nitro as my pre-workout, AMPED Post-Workout to help with recovery and I love AMPED Hydrate – I use it if I’m teaching spin classes back to back.

How do you integrate Cleanse Days whilst having such an active job?

I normally do a single Cleanse Day on the weekends when I don’t train, or if I do a Cleanse in the week, I’ll do it when I don’t have any afternoon training and will cleanse for 16 hours from lunch time until breakfast the next day. For example, I’ll have an IsaLean shake at lunch and then start the cleanse from there until breakfast the next day, where I’ll have an IsaLean Shake. I don’t Cleanse when I train, so doing my 16 hour cleanses is a great way to fit them in. I tend to do a Cleanse Day once every two or three weeks and I just love how I feel after them!

Why do you choose to use Isagenix?

I can really feel the difference in the quality of the ingredients with Isagenix compared to other products on the market, like the whey in the IsaLean Shakes and the probiotics – there’s no bloating and I just feel good from the inside. AMPED Nitro just really works for me – I know I’m going to have a good workout without the effects you sometimes get with other pre-workouts, like headaches or getting really hot and sweaty.

What’s your favourite thing about Isagenix?

I love the products and the community is great, but the IsaLean Shakes have to be my favourite! They are easy, they support my training and feel like I’m nourished from the inside out. I’ve followed a lot of different meal plans through the years, and the shakes are the only thing that’s helped me stay lean, maintain my weight and feel good.

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