Good news: You Can Warm Up Your IsaLean Shake!

October 30, 2018,


When it’s cold outside, it’s only natural to want to know if you can prepare your IsaLeanTM Shake with warm water to stay on your Isagenix program.

So, can IsaLean Shakes be made with hot water? The answer is yes! Drinking your IsaLean Shake warm is completely fine and a great option to have on chilly days.

However, there are a few important things to remember when you’re preparing a warm IsaLean Shake…

Don’t overheat your shake!

There’s a fine line between hot and too hot when preparing IsaLean Shakes. Water that’s heated to room temperature will work best. If you use water that’s any hotter, the protein and enzymes will very likely become denatured and some of the starches used in the product will begin to gelatinise. The result could be a shake that’s curdled and sticky. In addition, some of the vitamins – specifically the B vitamins – are likely to be lost in the heating process.

How to prepare a warm IsaLean Shake

You can heat the water for about 45 seconds in the microwave, or heat water on the hob and test with your finger to reach the ideal temperature. Combine the warm liquid with the IsaLean Shake in an IsaShakerTM bottle and shake it until it reaches a smooth, creamy consistency.

Be mindful when opening the shaker bottle as the liquid may spray out. You might find that it’s best to open the bottle slowly. In the absence of an IsaShaker bottle, you could use a tall glass or mug and stir in the shake using a whisk or a fork.

The goal here is for you to continue to enjoy these nutritious meal replacements during cold winter months so that they can help you stay on track with your health and weight-loss goals. So next time you’re feeling extra chilly, give it a try!

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