For four weeks only, every new customer across Europe will receive free products when they spend over 100 BV on their first order, from Saturday 18 April until Sunday 17 May.

When new customers spend over 100 BV, they will receive a box of free Whey Thins with their order! For just 50 BV more, any new customers who order over 150 BV will get free Whey Thins and a bag of Plant Based IsaLean Shake. All orders over 200 BV will get both of these free products as well as free shipping!

New customers will need to add the Whey Thins and Plant Based Shake to their basket, and the cost will be deducted from their order.

100 BV – 149 BV: Free Whey Thins

150 BV – 199 BV: Free Whey Thins + Plant Based Shake

200 BV +:  Free Shipping + Whey Thins + Plant Based Shake

This is just one example of what we’re doing to help you enrol new customers, and make sure they experience the best welcome to Isagenix by being able to try a range of our products.

With this promotion for new customers, and our change to PIBs for Associates, it’s an amazing time to be part of Isagenix for everybody!