Free Membership for new customers this week!

September 2, 2019,


From Monday 2 – Sunday 8 September 2019, all new customers who order a minimum of 150 BV will receive free membership for one year!

How to use this to build your business

Follow the advice of our top 20 EU Income Earner, Pieta McCrum:

“Reach out to those sitting on the fence, and be brave and ask your chicken list (the people you’re nervous to contact) if they’re open to a chat. Let them know there’s a promotion running and you don’t want them to miss out! Always ask your potential customers ‘who do you know that would want to leverage this offer too’, so you can create Consultants and Managers, not just new customers!”

What if their order already includes free membership?

If your new customer would like the Premium Pack or Ultimate Pack, which already include free Isagenix membership, don’t worry they won’t miss out! We’re giving them a £22.80 discount instead to match the cost of membership.

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