How e-Shot can help you achieve your goals

January 18, 2018,

Rebecca Haresign

The novel combination of naturally sourced caffeine and herbal ingredients in e-ShotTM  is what sets it apart from other energy drinks on the market. The unique blend of ingredients also make the function of this product extremely versatile, and there are many ways to incorporate this drink into your daily routine. Whether before a workout or as a caffeinated pick-me-up mid-afternoon, e-shot can take effect quickly and provide you long-lasting energy.

Feel alert throughout the day

Many of us seek out coffee or some other form of caffeinated drink every morning. Why not start off the day with the powerful combination of plant based caffeine and herbal ingredients found in an e-Shot? Whilst for many a cup of coffee provides a sense of enjoyment, on busier days or instead of a midday coffee, e-shot can provide a similar amount of caffeine.

Compared to milk-based coffees such as a latte, an e-shot can also help to reduce calories. Providing just 35 calories per e-Shot, this is considerably fewer than the number of calories contained in many coffees available on the high street. It’s a step in the right direction for helping you to achieve your overall weight-loss goals.

Perfect for Cleanse Days*

An e-Shot is one of the easiest support tools for Cleanse Days*. The combination of a moderate dose of naturally sourced caffeine and a few grams of sugar from juice concentrates can supply a steady rise of energy that’s just what’s needed on a Cleanse Day*. Contributing just 35 calories, this fits easily into your Cleanse Day* schedule. The unique blend of herbs and plant-based caffeine from green tea and yerba mate help you to feel alert throughout the day.

Pre-workout boost

There’s research to support the combination of using both caffeine and the herbal ingredients found in an e-Shot during your workout.

The effect of caffeine on improving exercise performance, reducing perception of effort, and reducing fatigue have been demonstrated many times in scientific studies involving athletes in several different disciplines (1-4). Providing around 80mg of caffeine per e-shot, this is an ideal option before your workout and convenient to keep in your gym bag ready to go.

As an important reminder, recommendations are to limit e-shots to only one per day. This precaution is intended to avoid overuse of the supplement. However, the many ways you can use e-shot should help ensure that you’re taking advantage of its versatility.

* A Cleanse Day is a nutritionally supported fast that nourishes and energizes your body’s own detoxification systems. For further Cleanse Day information, visit


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