Did you know that last year, over 3,000 people signed up to the IsaBody Challenge® in Europe? This year, we are hoping to see even more lifestyle transformations, but we need your help! If you are currently participating in a Challenge, you can help us break even more IsaBody™ records this year!

One way you can do so is to remember to submit your ‘Maintenance’ photos. Easy, right? We want to see how you have maintained or improved your results since you completed your Challenge, so here are a few tips to help you out:

  • If you completed your Challenge for the EU 2018 First Judging Period prior to 6 March, you are required to upload ‘Maintenance’ photos. If ‘Maintenance’ photos are required, they are not optional to successfully complete your challenge.
  • ‘Maintenance’ photos are due between 20 March and 27 March.

The deadline to complete your Challenge for the First Judging Period is also 27 March. If you’re currently enrolled in a Challenge and are close to your end date, you’ll want to complete your entry by 27 March! While you have a two-week grace period to upload your ‘After’ photos and essay from the time your Challenge ends, your two-week submission window may overlap with the deadline to be eligible for a particular judging period. If the 27 March deadline overlaps with your two-week grace period, all materials must still be submitted by the 27 March deadline to be eligible for First Judging Period. Materials submitted after that date (but before your two-week submission deadline) will be included in the following judging period, 2018 EU Second Judging Period.

The date you submit your completion materials, not your 16-week end date, determines the judging period you are placed in and whether you will need to submit ‘Maintenance’ photos.

The Back Office Is Where to Go!

But how do I upload these photos, you ask? Head to your Back Office! Your Back Office is your go-to destination for uploading ‘Before’, ‘After’, and ‘Maintenance’ photos, tracking monthly body measurements, and accessing incredible training tools.

Not only does the Challenge give you the chance to achieve your health goals, but you are also rewarded for your success. Everyone who completes their Challenge and fulfills all requirements by the deadline is eligible for the following prizes:

  • A £150/€165 product coupon
  • An Exclusive IsaBody Challenge T-shirt
  • A personalised IsaBody Challenge Achievement Certificate
  • The opportunity to become one of the four IsaBody Honourable mentions who each wins £500 / €550 or to become one of the two IsaBody Finalists who would win £1,000/€1,100

Finalists also have the opportunity to compete against other finalists from each of the three yearly Challenge periods and are able to compete for an even bigger prize: the title of IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize Winner will be awarded £5,000 / €5,500 and will also win an all expense paid* trip to Celebration 2019.

Register for Your Next Challenge!

If you missed this Challenge period, don’t worry! Register by 27 March to be eligible for the next judging period. Remember to timestamp your ‘Before’ photos with a printed newspaper.

If you have any questions, view our rules and FAQ by going to IsaBodyChallenge.com, scrolling to the bottom, and then clicking on Rules or FAQ.

For additional questions, contact [email protected].

*Please visit IsaBodyChallenge.com for full details on what the trip includes.