A new year often brings a new attitude and a desire to change and improve. If setting new fitness goals is on your list for 2019, keep reading! Whether you want to experience a full-body transformation, drop a few kg., or just want to live a healthier life, you can achieve your goals through the IsaBody Challenge.

Since the introduction of the IsaBody Challenge, the program has helped thousands of Isagenix Associates and Customers embrace their full potential and achieve their dream body!

This challenge is special because you have the opportunity to connect in a private Facebook group  with an entire community of people, just like you, ready to make changes, who will encourage and support you, plus provide accountability when you need it most. An article published by the Mayo Clinic reflects how important it is to “pick people to support you who will encourage you in positive ways’ when looking to boost your health.*’’ You will never feel alone on your journey to reach your fitness goals. Your success will be celebrated and rewarded every step of the way.

Everyone who successfully completes the challenge will receive a £150/€165 product coupon, a customised IsaBody T-shirt and an achievement certificate.

But the prizes don’t stop there!

You have the opportunity to win even BIGGER prizes by becoming one of the 12 Honourable Mention recipients or the 9 Finalists per year. Each Honourable Mention winner receives £500/€550, a personal photo shoot and a free ticket to local event, whilst each finalist gets £1,000/€1,100, a personal photo shoot and qualifies to be in the running for the European Grand Prize award!

The European Grand Prize Winner wins £5,000/€5,500, a personal photo shoot and an expense-paid** trip to Global Celebration, where he or she will represent Europe and compete for the Global Grand Prize Award of US$50,000.

Why Should YOU Join?

If you are truly committed to transforming your body and your lifestyle in 2019, then this is the challenge for you!

In 2018, more than 2800 participants registered for the IsaBody Challenge in Europe. Will you be next?



*http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/weight-loss/in-depth/weight-loss/art-20047752?pg=1 “Weight loss: 6 Strategies for Success”
** Please visit IsaBodyChallenge.com for full details on what the trip includes.