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January 12, 2021,

Ashleigh Turnbull

Alessia Gironi

For years Alessia followed her friends Isagenix journey from a far and wanted to start her own. Within days of Isagenix opening in Italy, she ordered her Ultimate Pack, signed up to her first IsaBody Challenge and she’s never looked back. After just one month, with a lot of passion and dedication, Alessia became one of the top enrollers in Italy!

“I used to always feel tired and sluggish. Even though I knew I didn’t have to lose a lot of weight, I really wanted to tone up and feel more confident in my own skin. Within a few days of starting my Isagenix journey, I already noticed a change within myself; I had a healthier daily routine, and my mood had lifted. I was so excited about my results I took pictures to share with my friends and family and they all wanted to join too!

My passion and excitement grew week after week. The more I transformed emotionally, then more I transformed physically. The negative feelings and tiredness I felt before had gone and I have a body that I love. I feel 20 years old again! Not only was I growing stronger as a person, I was growing a strong business too. I shared my before and after photos on social media and made lots of new customers as well as lots comments that not only had I lost weight; I had changed as person too.

I’m now helping lots of other people get their confidence back and that makes me feel very proud. This is something I want to continue to do forever because it has given me a wonderful gift; the gift of confidence”


Przemyslaw Dzyr

After struggling with his weight for years, Przemyslaw had tried every diet imaginable but nothing seemed to keep the weight off…until he started his Isagenix journey. Przemyslaw has gone from having no energy and doing little activity, to running FOUR half marathons!

“For the last 20 years I was not happy with the way I looked and had zero energy. Every time I would try a new diet, I would lose a little bit of weight but then always end up putting it back on and more. This all changed when I started my first 30-day programme with Isagenix. I’ve lost over 13kg since starting my IsaBody challenge and I’m now in the best shape of my life! I wasn’t very active before, and I never ran long distances, but everything has changed since I started using Isagenix products. I now have this newfound energy. I go to the gym regularly and I’ve completed four half marathons!

I am living proof that Isagenix products work. This is only the beginning of my journey. I’m now helping many people achieve their own wellbeing goals and to also experience the incredible transformation I did. I feel Isagenix has given me a new life and I will be forever grateful”


Ela Grooteman

Ela lives an active life, she loves playing tennis, works hard and enjoys making memories with her family and friends. When it comes to cooking, she wants food that’s well balanced, quick and easy to prepare…because who wants to spend hours in the kitchen right? The goal for Ela was to feel better about herself and find a wellbeing solution that fit into her busy lifestyle. Always one to hide away from the camera, Ela’s confidence has completely transformed, and now she wants the whole world to know who she is!

“I turned the worst times in my life to the best, since using Isagenix. I used to feel so unhappy with the way I looked, I had no motivation to do anything, I put on weight, I felt tired, stressed and I just couldn’t get out of that bad place. That was until my friend introduced me to Isagenix. I had no idea what to expect when I went to my first Isagenix event in Antwerp. It was amazing to see so many happy, healthy people and it felt like I was part of a family straight away!

I got started with the Premium Pack and I loved how easy and simple the system was to follow. I could keep some products in my handbag, so I always had something to eat with me that was quick and healthy. I would have two smoothies in the day and then enjoy a balanced dinner with my children in the evening. The system fit into my life perfectly and I never get bored the variety of shakes and bars. My favourite product? The chocolate IsaLean Shake Plant Based.

Since completing my second IsaBody Challenge, I’ve lost more than 15kg, but the biggest transformation for me was how it has made me feel about myself. People who I haven’t seen in years hardly recognise me now. Every morning when I wake up, look in the mirror and I can’t stop smiling. I have so much energy! I used to do a lot of online shopping and try clothes on in the privacy of my bedroom, but now I love to go out shopping in the city. When I see my reflection in the shop windows, I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. Before I started my challenge, I would only have my photo taken if I really had to, but now I take selfies with no makeup on!

I know for sure Isagenix can help anyone with their wellbeing goals and I love supporting others to become the best versions of themselves. I want my two children to be proud of me and proud of themselves. Thanks a million, to my Isagenix family. I am so blessed and grateful for what you have helped me to achieve.”


Laura Minnikin

Ever find yourself saying “I deserve a little treat” and then wondering where those uncomfortable feelings and lack of energy comes from? Self-proclaimed food lover Laura knows all too well how those occasional unhealthy treats can become daily habits. She wanted to reduce these unhealthy habits and enjoy a healthier happier lifestyle. Thanks to her IsaBody challenge, she now has a more balanced healthy lifestyle and achieved her wellbeing goals.

“I’ve always enjoyed exercise, even though high impact exercise proved difficult due to my restricted mobility following a car accident, I wasn’t going to let that stop me. However, I still wasn’t happy with my weight.

It turns out exercise was all good, but I knew I needed to learn healthier eating habits! Especially crisps, they were my Kryptonite! I’d come home from work too exhausted to cook and would look for an unhealthy quick fix. I’d try to be disciplined but my will-power would erode when I passed a shop on my way home from work. I would stop, buy the largest packet I could and eat the lot in one sitting!

A friend introduced me to Isagenix and back in January I decided to save some money each month and invest in the Weight Management Ultimate Pack. It felt like Christmas when the huge box of goodies arrived, I literally couldn’t wait to start. I felt focused, motivated and confident this would satisfy my food loving appetite and help me achieve my weight loss goals. I also spotted the IsaBody Challenge on my IsaLife app and I thought “Let’s do this!”.

Following the programme on the IsaLife app was so easy and I was motivated by seeing my progress. My favourite product was Harvest Thins, my new alternative to crisps! 2020 lockdown with Isagenix has been life changing. I feel healthier, happier and my confidence has soared! I know I can still achieve my weight loss goals even with my reduced mobility (and crisp addiction!)”


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