After undertaking a 16-week transformation challenge whilst following the Isagenix plan, these challengers have not only transformed their bodies but each has an uplifting story on how this journey has changed their life, which is what IsaBody is all about. Well done to our three finalists who have absolutely smashed their challenges!

Willem Lange

16 weeks ago, starting the IsaBody Challenge seemed a small decision to Willem, but it turned out to be life changing. He’s started to feel like himself again, transformed his body and he’s built his own business with Isagenix!

“The Willem I saw in the mirror wasn’t me anymore. I wasn’t happy, I was always tired and going to the gym once a month was a push! But then I saw this person full of energy at a seminar and I thought ‘I want whatever she’s got!’, so I got out of my comfort zone and walked up to her and she introduced me to Isagenix.”

The biggest success from the challenge for Willem was gaining more self-esteem, energy, Isa friends, a body he’s proud of and feeling happy again! He became the person he wanted to be. Now he’s quit his job and is focusing on building an Isagenix business so he can share the products to help other achieve what he has!

Paolo Ghiglione

Having been in the Italian swimming team and won the European youth championships, Paulo used to be a seasoned athlete, but in between work and having four children, he found less time for exercise and decided to stop swimming 15 years ago. He knew he had to start taking care of his health, and Isagenix gave him a way to incorporate healthy living into his busy lifestyle!

“I regained strength, motivation and my health! It’s not just about drinking replacement meals; it is a complete programme that guides you towards a balanced diet. I saw my body transform and get results from my work I did in the gym. I gained back my enthusiasm and my sporting mentality.  It’s so gratifying that with Isagenix you can change the lives of many people who looking for a solution to healthy change.”

Susanne Thijssen

Before starting Isagenix, Susanne had tried every diet under the sun and she was tired of a yo-yo lifestyle. She was skeptical of Isagenix being just another ‘diet’, but 16 weeks later, it’s now her long-term health solution!

“When I used to look in the mirror, I felt really unhappy. In my 46 years I have seen many diets come by, but these nutrition products have changed my life. I am able to go through life confidently! What a result, I am so incredibly proud of myself.”

She feels fitter, more energetic, her sleep has drastically improved, but most importantly she feels confident! So how did she do it? Alongside the weight loss plan, there were no rigorous workouts, she just walked for an hour a day and she attributes this flexibility to her success, as well as the help of her coach Lloyd J Ross!