Scott Cook

Up until 2012, I was in good health playing football and competing in sprint Triathlons, but after retiring from playing in 2012, having two children, starting a more office based managerial job and bad eating habits, I started to put on weight. I got into a really bad cycle by just eating more junk food whilst feeling down about my weight gain. In the end I got up to 103kg. I was at a point of desperation, frustrated and worst of all I was taking it out on the ones closest to me – my kids called me Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Angry. I promised myself I must get healthier and happier so I could do more fun things with the children, which is the main reason for starting Isagenix.

In the first 30 days I lost 8kg, I started playing 5-a-side football again, and I wasn’t the angry or grumpy Dad anymore! I recently went on a holiday with the family and I was running about and swimming with my kids (not even getting tired)! In total I lost 19kg and nearly 8% body fat, I went from XL t-shirts to M, and from 38” waist to 33” waist trousers! Now I can’t wait for my second IsaBody Challenge so I can tone up and improve my fitness! Let’s smash it, I love the products.

Maria de las Nieves Serrano Hera

In 2017 I had a serious injury that prevented me from training, but prior to that I had been doing sports for four years. It was frustrating because I lost my level of fitness and gained weight, and once I recovered and started training again I wasn’t at the same level as before the injury. Several times I went on a diet, but I just ended up losing muscle, and I felt very low on energy – nothing worked! After seeing the results of another mum and seeing how much energy she had, I decided to give Isagenix a go. I was totally determined that I could change and the results surprised not only me, but also my husband and my family! I’ve lost weight, have more energy, a desire to do things, joy, and I’m healthier than ever!

Rob Koning

Why did I start Isagenix? My son went to an Isagenix event, and he called straight away because he thought I should take part. I’m 67 years old, 97.5 kilos and I never used to eat vegetables so you could say my lifestyle was very unhealthy and not sustainable! I used to feel listless and tired, but I quickly noticed a difference with more energy and after a few weeks the result was already super visible. After 16 weeks I have almost achieved my goals. I now weigh 82.8 kilos! This has brought me a new way of life. I eat differently and healthily and will never go back to how I was. Of course, you can still grab a small candy, cookie or go out for dinner but I’ve now found the balance! It feels good to hear from everyone that they are proud.

Lisa van den Heuvel

Before the challenge I was tired, overweight, had a bloated stomach and bad skin. In short, I wasn’t happy. But then I went to an Isagenix ‘sip and sample’ and decided I had nothing to lose – I could hardly feel worse, and if it didn’t work, I would get my money back! After starting IsaBody, I soon noticed a difference – I felt energetic, my belly disappeared, and I even wanted to work out which used to feel like an obstacle. I also started going to events which made me even more enthusiastic about Isagenix and “the business side”. I now have an indescribable energy about the company so I’m passionately sharing it with friends and family. I’m not yet where I want to be, but I’ve come a long way. My next goal is to lose a few more pounds and get fitter, which I’m sure I can achieve thanks to Isagenix!