We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate how undertaking the IsaBody Challenge has provided one of our very own employees with a new lease of life. In early 2021, Isagenix launched a worldwide IsaBody Challenge for it employees, the same as the one for customers, to encourage wellbeing and community amongst the corporate teams.

Our UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Charlene Vaughan was one of the many up for the challenge and this is her story on how she become one of the globally recognised award winners.


Q. So, Charlene, let’s start with a quick re-cap on where you were at the start of the year and how were you feeling?

Charlene: “I’ve struggled with my weight all my life so the first lockdown in 2020 was really tough to say the least. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find the focus and motivation I needed to shift the unwanted weight I’d gained. Monday to Friday, I would head straight to my home office in the morning (AKA the spare bedroom!) and then head straight to the sofa in the evening. I wouldn’t even leave the house.”


Q. Where you aware that change was needed?

C: “Yes, it very much played on my mind that I needed to do something about the situation and lack of activity. So, at the beginning of 2021 I challenged myself to walk 10 thousand steps a day and I thought “this is going to be easy” and I remember on the very first day I went out for a walk four times to hit my goal. It nearly killed me! But this was just the start of my journey because even though I was hitting my steps target I still wasn’t paying enough attention to my nutrition.”

Q. What tipped you into that final push to regaining control on your wellbeing?

C “Well, along came the Corporate IsaBody Challenge and it was a total gamechanger.”


Q. In what way?

C: “Everything started to fall into place. The Challenge helped me to refocus on nutrition as well as exercise by using Isagenix products, following our system and eating better. I really started to feel the change, my energy was back, my focus was back, I was back!


Q. IsaBody is also about being part of a like minded group. Was this the same for the corporate challenge?

C: “What I loved most about this being a corporate challenge was that we came together as a sales team and set our own steps challenge to get us through the first four weeks. Like any other Sales team, we’re all mega competitive, so I knew I would have to up my game to keep up with the boys. I was so pleased to come in second place with a total of two hundred and sixty thousand steps over the four weeks and some days walking up to thirty thousand steps!”


Q. Wow! That’s some serious amount of steps

C: “Yes, what a difference from couch potato to committed exercise! I’m now up every morning getting my ten thousand steps in before work and I really enjoy walking with my family and the dogs at the weekend. I’ve also started pushing myself a little bit more by choosing walks with steep hills, which I would never been able to do before I started my challenge.”


Q. What are lasting differences the challenge has made on your life?

C: “I’m so grateful for the corporate IsaBody Challenge. I can’t believe the difference making small changes to my nutrition and increasing my movement has made. Over the course of the 16 weeks, I lost 17kg (37lbs) which was amazing. It’s also helped me find an exercise I actually enjoy which, after the 16 weeks, became a habit and a complete lifestyle glow up!”


Q. As life starts to return to some sort of normal, how has the Challenge continued to benefit you?

C: “Oh, it’s been great. My eating habits have continued to be much better. I’m much more aware of what I’m eating now, and I’ve continued to go out for daily walks. This is definitely a continuing journey for me.”


In recognition of Charlene’s brilliant achievement, she has been recognised as the European regional winner of the corporate IsaBody Challenge. Congratulations Charlene and welcome to the IsaBody Challenge club!