Build Your Team Like the Experts at IsaU Manchester

February 26, 2018,

Elaina Bird

Are you ready for IsaU Manchester?  A two-day event that can build your business to reach a new threshold of success.

Last week we announced an incredible line-up of elite business builders and top leaders that are ready to share their experience, insight and tips to help you foster sustained success.

You can look forward to:

  • How to connect with your ‘Why’ with Zach Slobin.
  • Compensation plan basics with Eden Slobin.
  • Develop your ‘story’ for building a business with Brett Davis and Samantha Gascoigne.
  • ‘Tips from the Top’: The importance on attending events with Ian Smith and Sue Alexander.
  • Learn the many ways to master social media with Edd Arterton and Michelle Johnson.

Get Your Ticket to IsaU Manchester Today!

And don’t forget…

As a prelude to IsaU, on Friday 2 March, Zach and Eden Slobin will hold an Experience Isagenix presentation. This event is FREE for anyone to attend and is the perfect opportunity for you to invite anyone in your network who has shown interest in Isagenix to join you. This presentation will give them a sneak peek into the Isagenix culture, products, business opportunity, community, leadership, and more!

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