8 Ways to Feel Fabulous This Women’s Day

March 8, 2018,

Elaina Bird

Ladies, it’s time to celebrate! International Women’s Day is 8 March, and it’s a glorious day where the world takes a moment to stop and think about the challenges women are working to conquer, the outstanding accomplishments achieved by women worldwide, and the crucial role(s) that women play in society. Women’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to appreciate the inspiring women in your life (that includes YOU!).

Here are a few things you can do to empower yourself this Women’s Day:

1. Try morning meditation.

From the minute your alarm clock screams at you to wake up in the morning to the evening when you’re setting it to go off the next day, we know how busy your days are. Between work, family responsibilities, errands, and personal wellness, there’s never time to accomplish everything. Our advice? From now on, wake up 10-20 minutes earlier and spend those precious moments meditating. This small change to your daily routine can help you clear your mind, prepare for a fresh start, and aid with focus for the rest of the day. YouTube has a massive library of meditation how-to videos to help you get started!

2. Start a new endeavour.

Newsflash: it’s never going to be the perfect time to start on a new project, but if you’ve been quietly mulling it over for a while, now could be the time to pursue an opportunity in network marketing! We hear so many stories of smart, successful women who decide to do so. In fact, more than 80 percent of our direct sellers are women! They oversee their own businesses, manage their own schedules, and ultimately decide how much or little time they want to invest in building – it’s truly inspiring to see.

3. Travel somewhere new.

You don’t need to spend an outrageous amount of money on a wine tour through Tuscany (but if you can, that would be amazing) to experience the benefits of travel. Just hopping in your car and spending a weekend exploring a nearby city can open the mental floodgates to let curiosity and creativity flow in.



4. Join a new fitness group.

Nothing tackles stress like a good workout! Give your body a healthy boost by adding a new element to your fitness routine. Whether you’re just switching up your current workout or starting your exercise regime from scratch, a new fitness group can fuel your motivation. Try that kickboxing class that your friend is always raving about, or sign up for a marathon (or half marathon) to ensure you commit to a workout plan. If you need a little extra push, start a family workout competition, or join our IsaBody Challenge® to help you stay on track and hit your most ambitious fitness goals.



5. Volunteer to help women in your community.

Women’s Day is an important reminder for women to stick together and support one another. Giving back to your community is truly rewarding on so many levels. Check out local organisations that provide guidance for women who have faced violence, trauma, and other hardships. You can also organize meetups for women in your neighborhood to brainstorm everything from better childcare solutions to new tools to inspire career growth. If you need ideas on ways to give back, check out some of the causes we’ve participated in!

6. Call the ladies in your life.

Women’s Day makes you think of all the incredible women in your life that have guided you to where you are now. Whether it’s your grandmother, mum, sister, aunt, cousin, best friend, or colleague who comes to mind when you’re thinking about influential women in your life, show your appreciation for them today. A quick call or email to express your gratitude for their contribution is all it takes to make someone’s day.


7. Select a fabulous female mentor.

Whether it’s Oprah Winfrey, your favourite author, or your wildly artistic next-door neighbor, find a woman that inspires you on multiple levels and works toward imitating the qualities you admire in her. At Isagenix, we have so many women who are constantly inspiring others to fulfill their dreams. Of those women, Isagenix Co-Founder Kathy Coover leads the way with her dedication to transform people’s lifestyles for the better. A devoted mother and fierce entrepreneur, Kathy still takes time to personally coach newcomers to the Isagenix business. Her motto is simple, but powerful: “Do more, give more, have more.” Whoever you choose to be your mentor, emulating an inspiring woman is the best way to be an example to other women.

8. Take care of yourself.

Women’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate YOU. Take advantage of the occasion by pampering yourself! This doesn’t mean you need to book a full spa day (although if you want to, we’re all for it!), but making choices like stocking your fridge with fresh produce can help you pave the way to better health this week. Need help? Check out some of our favourite products to help you jump on the wellness train:


  • Nourish for Life™ is a gentle cleanse that supports your body’s own detoxification processes. It’s a great tool to help you take care of yourself from the inside out.

  • IsaDelight™ chocolates are the perfect guilt-free indulgence. These little chocolates come in tantalizing flavours including Sea Salt with Caramel – oh, and each square is 60 calories!

  • IsaLean™ Shake is an easy, way to stay on top of your balanced diet. We make IsaLean Shake in many yummy flavours and everybody has a favourite!

Happy Women’s Day! Empower yourself and be well.

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