2019 UK & Ireland Celebration Highlights

March 26, 2019,

Shilpa Dattani

This year at our FIRST EVER UK and Ireland Celebration, we were joined by nearly 1000 incredible individuals to learn more about our amazing company and how we’re changing lives every day with our products. It truly was a rewarding weekend full of training, inspiration, a-ha moments and fun!

If you couldn’t attend or just want a reminder of all of the exciting things that happened, here’s a recap:

We launched a new promotion – Rapid Crystal Reset

It’s your chance to achieve all the prestige of those Crystal milestones and cash in on DOUBLE Crystal bonuses! You can find the flyer in your IsaLife Plan or your Back Office under Contests and Promotions.

Promotion start date: 25 March till 7 July 2019 (11.59 pm EST)

 Buy Isagenix branded apparel and marketing tools from IsaSalesToolsEurope.com

Head to this website to buy Isagenix branded T-Shirts, the IsaBody Look Book Lite, branded banners, water bottles etc. We ship to all of our European markets.

 IsaU June London 22 June 2019

Isagenix Millionaire Jackson Parr will be our special guest trainer at this one-day event in London. Head to your Back Office and buy tickets NOW to take advantage of the early bird ticket price. Most importantly, who are you bringing with you?

 IsaLife App 2 Minute Enrolment – launching April 2019

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing a step-by-step training video on how to set up your carts.

Isagenix Social Design Studio – launching April 2019

Designing your own Isagenix materials for Recognition, Sip & Sample invites and more has never been easier. With hundreds of templates to choose, from plus access to amazing ‘Before & After’ photos for you to use, the Isagenix Design Studio is something everyone will want to use. The link to sign up will be in your Back Office from April 2019.

IsaBody Challenge Video

The New European IsaBody Challenge Video was also launched at Celebration weekend. The video will be available this week on our Isagenix UK YouTube channel.

Congratulations to our 2019 UK & IE Celebration Recognition Winners


Whilst some in attendance were new to the excitement, many were experienced leaders. Several individuals were recognised and rewarded for their hard work, dedication, and network marketing success, making this another truly inspirational event.

We are so honoured to have each of these Associates as a part of our Isagenix family and would not be where we are today without their unwavering passion for changing lives.

Please join us in congratulating our fantastic winners!

START 1000

  • Lara and Brycey
  • Orrin and Allie

European IsaBody® Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Meet Our 2019 IsaBody European IsaBody Challenge Winner Kathryn Harrold!

European IsaBody Challenge Finalists

  • Toby Giles
  • Judith Peereboom
  • Emma Bowyer
  • Donnacadha Lynch
  • Milda Latakaite
  • Matt Dochniak
  • Juan José Moreno Ruiz
  • Simeonas Kozemiakinas

Top 3 UK Recruiters

  1. Lara & Brycey
  2. Chris Connelly
  3. Debbie Cave

Top 3 European Recruiters

  • Sigrid van der Marel-Sluijter (the Netherlands)
  • Michael & Eveline (Belgium)
  • Almudena Fernández Fernández (Spain)
  • Gillian Lennox (Ireland)

Shooting Star

  • Lara & Brycey

Top 3 UK Leader in Action

  1. Ian and Sue (UK)
  2. Carly Hewitt and Steve Pater (UK)
  3. Brett Davis & Samantha Gascoigne  (UK)

Top 1 Global Leader in Action

  • Michael & Eveline (Global)

Spirit of Isagenix

  • Sam Anderton

Top 3 UK Momentum

  1. Chris Connelly
  2. Ian and Sue
  3. Jon & Eleanor Salvage

50K Cumulative Earnings Club

  • Michael and Eveline
  • Helen Turner
  • Judith Peereboom
  • Tyler Davidson – Joyner & Jodie-Leigh Cartwright
  • Pieta & Duncan McCrum

100K Cumulative Earnings Club

  • Beverley Price
  • Sam Anderton
  • Ian and Sue
  • Emma & Cam Poli
  • Michelle Stevens
  • Lara & Brycey
  • Victoria McEwan
  • Thinh Nguyen and Keziah Fung

250K Cumulative Earnings Club

  • Carly Hewitt and Steve Pater
  • Stacey & Andras Gyurian

Isagenix Legacy Club Members

  • Brett Davis & Samantha Gascoigne
  • Heather Atkinson
  • Natalie Cook & Sarah Maxwell
  • Helen Koi
  • Emily & Hayden Vavra
  • Zach & Eden Slobin
  • Scott Wood

Top 3 UK Manager Bonus Pools

  1. Claire Wells
  2. Noeleen Kelly
  3. Christina Burbridge & Emma M West

Top 1 European Manager Bonus Pools

  • Sigrid van der Marel-Sluijter
  • Almudena Fernández Fernández

Top 3 UK Directors/Executive Bonus Pools

  1. Lara & Brycey
  2. Carly Hewitt and Steve Pater
  3. Chris Connelly

Top 1 European Directors/Executive Bonus Pools

  • Elaine Ash
  • Yolanda Nieto Galera
  • Judith Peereboom

Top 3 UK Achievers

  1. Brett Davis and Samantha Gascoigne – #1 Income Earner
  2. Heather Atkinson – #2 Income Earner
  3. Carly Hewitt and Steve Pater – #3 Income Earner

Top 1 European Achievers

  • Judith Peereboom  – #1 Income Earner for The Netherlands
  • Michael & Eveline – #1 Income Earner for Belgium & #1 Leader in Action Worldwide!

Future Leaders Program – Series 2 Graduation

  • Ben & Claire
  • Katie Polloway
  • Liz Wray
  • Suzanne Hellmilch
  • Esther & Tom
  • Jennifer Russell
  • Daniela Caballero
  • Matthey Kennedy
  • Steffie Vandenbogaerde
  • Judith Peereboom
  • Noeleen Kelly
  • Diana van Dijk
  • Michael & Eveline
  • Julie & Lee Carr
  • Natasha Flint
  • Maria White
  • Michelle Reese
  • Stefanie Lawrence
  • Stuart Lloyd
  • Jennie Junor
  • Adele Schmidt
  • Enzo
  • Amanda McClatchie
  • Michael Murray
  • Drs. Catherine and Granville Langly-Smith
  • Dee Wilkes
  • Mo Morrison
  • Sam Anderton

The first ever UK and Ireland Celebration is truly something to behold.

From everyone here at Corporate, we hope you loved this event. We can’t wait to see the massive success you all have in 2019!


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