It just got easier for new customers to get started with Isagenix! Customers will now be able to purchase our products via, and we’ll be linking up these new retail customers with our Associates. Interested in getting retail leads? All you have to do is make it on to the Customer Referral Programme.

What is Buy Now?

Our entire European product range* will be available to retail customers to purchase through, through a simple ‘Buy Now’ button. We’ve launched this exciting new feature so that potential customers have an easy way to get started with Isagenix, so everyone can have a chance to try our products even if they don’t know someone in the business.

But wait, it gets better! Customers who make retail purchases through will be connected to qualified Isagenix leaders in the new Customer Referral Programme. This could link you up to more leads, and more potential team members!

How does the Customer Referral Programme work?

Every month we’ll run a report of the top leaders in Isagenix, who will then be put into the Customer Referral Programme. When we get new retail customers, the qualified leader will then receive the business volume and the customer’s contact information to provide product support, recommendations, and coaching. These customers are paying retail price and are not being required to open an Isagenix account nor being placed in a business centre organisation. This is your opportunity to contact these retail customers, build a relationship, and encourage them to join as a customer or Associate on your team. You’ll receive an email to notify you if you’ve been accepted onto the programme.

How do I participate in the Customer Referral Programme?

Participation in the Customer Referral Programme is based on the following criteria:

  • Be a Director or above
  • Maintain Paid-As-Director all weeks of the qualification month
  • Place a personal order of 100BV or more during the qualification month
  • Enrol two or more members during the qualification month
  • Remain in good standing with Isagenix.

*This feature will be available in the UK, Ireland, Spain The Netherlands and Belgium.

If you’d like to find out more information, check out the programme flyer or see the FAQs.