Rhimes Lecointe has been a dancer for 19 years, she is the Associate choreographer and Resident Director for the musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and she’s directed her own dancing shows. Even though she’s always been active, she’s not always seen the results she wanted, so she decided to try out Isagenix. After loving the products and seeing results, she recommended them to her dancers and started to grow her business organically. Check out how she’s now growing her business in her industry!

Why did you start using Isagenix?

I started using Isagenix when I wasn’t performing because I’d put on a few pounds. I feel like the body gets accustomed to being in a show so the moment you stop, you put on weight because your body doesn’t know what’s going on, or when you’re doing the same type of show everyday complacency sets in.

Using Isagenix helped me lose the weight, get results and have more energy! As I’ve got older I feel like I’ve had to work harder to get the same results, but these products have helped me to reach my goals whilst having balance, and I never feel guilty about eating certain foods now. This was huge for me because I’ve always been active, and loved training and dancing, but I’ve never seen the results I wanted to. Plus, I have more energy now so when I’m training in the gym, I enjoy it more because I’m able to finish my workouts strong!

What plan do you follow?

On a normal day I have an IsaLean Shake for breakfast and my Ionix Supreme, and if I fancy a snack I’ll have the IsaLean Bars and IsaDelights. I also do a Cleanse Day once a week.

When I’m training in the gym, I use AMPED Nitro as my preworkout, then afterwards I might have an IsaLean Bar or a meal. If I’m dancing, then I’ll have an e-Shot before hand, instead of Nitro.

Do any of your dancers use Isagenix?

Yes! I work with dancers all over the place so I’ve recommended Isagenix as we all need support for our bodies. Two girls who dance on my team have started using the products, and they have had massive results and they have the energy to sustain throughout rehearsal and training.

Why did you start the business?

For the first six months I was just using the products and had great results so I started doing the business side in November 2018 on a very casual basis, just getting people started who had seen my results. Then in February I ramped it up a gear and now I’d say I’m seriously building.

Have you grown your business?

I’ve basically been growing my network with people in my industry, but now I’m also putting a lot more focus into bringing people in and getting them paid. I’m now a Crystal Manager! It’s my goal to hit Executive and to make a six figure income.

I build with my husband and we’re all about the team and partnership. We love how our upline have grown their community and we want to make sure we’re also doing that too. I want to grow real relationships with my team as I’ve made really great friends along the way.