We are thrilled to announce that Isagenix in the UK and Netherlands are now part of the internationally acclaimed Direct Selling Association (DSA). This means that Isagenix Europe complies with the DSA codes of practice, and has met all the criteria required by the Association. A DSA membership for Isagenix reinforces one of our main core values ‘Integrity’. It shows others that we ‘always do the right thing, the right way.’

All DSA member companies comply with not only local laws but also the two DSA Codes (The Consumer Code of Practice and The Code of Business Conduct), which ensure they are operating in an ethical and responsible manner.

“I’m proud that we’ve been accepted as DSA members in both the UK and the Netherlands! This is a seal of approval that says Isagenix is a company that follows the industry code of ethics and a great signal for those about to join the company. Isagenix is active in DSA’s all over the world and we follow that good tradition” said Jonas Hedberg, General Manager of Isagenix Europe.

We hope to receive more recognition like this, as we strive to become a household brand in Europe.