My Pack allows you to create your own personalised pack with savings of up to 10%!

Pick and mix your favourite products and create the perfect pack to fit your Isagenix® lifestyle. Want all your IsaLean® shakes to be Creamy Strawberry flavour, and want a few of the Isagenix Snacks™ alongside a boatload of protein-packed IsaLean® Bars? Now you can! Make your pack work for you by following the easy steps below.

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in to your Back Office
  • Set up a new Autoship order with your favourite products that is at least 150 BV or more*
  • Receive an automatic 10% discount on the order

Plus, the best thing is, you can mix and match your products every month!

New Isagenix Members can enjoy My Pack too! Here’s how…

  • Your new Isagenix Member joins as a Preferred Customer on Autoship and selects their products
  • They order 200 BV or more of individual products*
  • They receive a 10% discount on their order
  • You receive a 20 Product Introductory Bonus!

Not on Autoship? My Pack is available for you too!

Fill the cart with your favourite Isagenix products* to a minimum order value of 150 BV for existing Members or 200 BV for new Isagenix Members to receive a 5% My Pack discount.

My Pack is a great way to get the products you love. CREATE YOURS TODAY!

*Only available with single products (no packs or systems).